Know Before You Glow


Soothing + Nurturing

Our formula is crafted with your waxed skin in mind.

KNOW BEFORE YOU GLOW – Any type of HAIR-REMOVAL is a form of superficial “TRAUMA” for your delicate skin (hair is being forcibly removed from your follicle, after all). As to waxing, you will be getting rid of any unwanted hair from the ROOT and guaranteed a LONGER + SMOOTHER result. Therefore waxing is NEVER going to be COMPLETELY PAINLESS.

BETTER FOR YOUR SKIN – Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil & Glycerin designed to reduce any discomfort associated with waxing...Featuring the most flexible polymer, our hard wax will conform perfectly to the body curve during application, adhering only to the hair, not to your delicate skin.

UP TO 95% HAIR FREE IN ONE PULL – Though hard wax allows you to TREAT AND RETREAT areas without damaging the skin, our formula is crafted with your waxed skin in mind. The polymer just efficiently binds to the protein in hair, meaning FAST + CLEAN end result without going brittle or crack.

LET US HELP 💪 - A customer is for life. Simply say “Hi” or “Hello” to initiate a conversation or email us at if you are unhappy with the purchase. In that way you are allowing a brand to actually learn and grow. We’ll be more than GRATEFUL + HAPPY to be given any opportunity to fix the issues or mistakes.

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